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Collection: Tendenze 2002dotdotdot
artworkThis is an adventurous comp with tracks are from Ance E I Bombaliberatutti, Crawlers, Body Language, Toxic Poison, Pliffet, Blue Noha, Mannix, Vappa, Clancy's, Pouty Lips, Era Vanquish, U-Topia, and Zeta Boom. Bands from several European countries provide varied sounds and ideas, some of which are very interesting. Track one is from the UK's Special Agents.
Picks: Soul Agent

Track by Track Review

Soul Agent dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

Soul Agent is a fun track dominated by a spy riff played on organ. The metronomic beat and rhythm create an contrast to the white-soul sound of the keys. It reminds me at times of the house organs in silent theaters, yet is not antiquated. It's more about the playing style or something. Anyway, "Soul Agent" is a cool track that rides along side sixties soul instros pretty well.