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Collection: Teen Scene Vol. 3 - Ontario Canadadotdotdot
artworkThis four band collection sports two garage anthems from the Gnostics and the Knurlings, each exploring a different sinus in the proboscis of the snot nosed variety. The Gnostics are far and away snottier than the Knurlings. Speaking of exploring, the first of the two instros is from the Polyester Explosion, a name that will sure mislead you into expecting semi psychedelic disco. It's a solid garage surf raver. The other instro comes from Polaris, who lend a track from their CD.
Picks: Shangai 10, Big Boss A Go-Go

Track by Track Review

Shangai 10 dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Raucous surf, with rolling thunder drums and reverb aplenty. The melody riff is fluid and very endearing. The organ trades leads with the guitar in a well balanced approach. Big garage surf with the feel of the nineties surf. From their psychedelic duds on the sleeve, I expected something much less surfie, but then it's like a garagier more gutsy version of the Blacklight Chameleons' surf instros. Quite good, despite the crude sound. Incidentally boys, it's spelled Shanghai.

Big Boss A Go-Go dotdotdot
Los Straitjackets Animal (Instrumental)

It's been done... like Los Straitjackets barnyard animal twang, but more gutty guitar tone. Too fun for parties, devoid of melody, driven by a need to whammy. Way fun.