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Collection: Tales From The Rhinodotdotdot
artworkThis two CD set wanders the halls of Rhino Records with a grin in one hand and reverence on the other. The Rhino Brothers, Harold Bronson and Richard Foos. Disc one spans their novelty leanings, while disc two focuses on rock. On disc one, you will find the Bombay Beach Boys' magnificent "Pipeline" and next to Barnes and Barnes' "Fish Heads." On disc two, you're grabbed right away by Rocky Erickson's perfect "Bermuda" and the Malibooz' "I Won't Be Too Young." For surf, there's just the one novelty, but it's just SO COOL!
Picks: 2001 Sprach Kazoostra, Whole Lotta Love, Pipeline, Louie Louie

Track by Track Review

2001 Sprach Kazoostra dotdotdotdot
Kazoo (Instrumental)

Well, is it instrumental? No words, just voices strained through kazoo. OK, the kazoo is an instrument, so let's go with instrumental. Yikes, this remains one of the most amazing examples of what not to do with wax paper and comb. I mean, this actually works in a perverse sorta way. The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra conjures images of a recital on the Planet of the Apes! Entirely grinful.

Whole Lotta Love dotdot
Kazoo (Instrumental)

While no where near as powerful and magnetic as "2001 Sprach Kazoostra," this has its moments, particularly as the slides reel you in.

Pipeline dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Ventures, Bobby Fuller, and many others did this tune so many years ago. It's fun, but not very different. Energetic and spunky.

Louie Louie dotdotdotdotdot
Marching Band (Instrumental)

In 1983, when KFJC ruined radio forever with over 36 hours of all different "Louie Louie" versions, Rhino Records issued the first of two volumes of the best of "Louie Louie," with the whole sordid tale of the song and KFJC on the back. Among the songs on that celebratory album was the marching band from Rice University, playing those chords in that order. Egad, what fun!