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Collection: Surf Monstersdotdotdotdot
artworkAptly titled, this collection sports a number of really fine tracks from vintage and current bands. Some are at the top of the must have list, others reside in the middle. With only a couple of tracks in the pass column, this ranks among the stronger comps issued so far this year.
Picks: Dave Myers and the Surftones 'Church Key', 'Moment Of Truth', Huevos Rancheros 'Beach Blanket Blackout', Powerjive 'Surf Session At Sunset', Satan's Pilgrims 'Harlem Nocturne', The Centurions 'Bullwinkle Pt. II', The Cocktail Preachers 'Albatross Joe', The Dynotones 'Devil's Martini', The Impacts 'Wipe Out', The Lively Ones 'Miserlou', 'Surf Rider', The Original Surfaris 'Bombora', The Sentinals 'Big Surf', 'Exotic', The Space Cossacks 'The Apes Of Wrath', The Sub-Mersions 'Dr. Yes'

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