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Collection: Surfer Hitsdotdot
artworkThis budget CD compiles a few Jan & Dean vocal hits, plus the well circulated first sessions of the Beach Boys, where they played their own instruments, unlike all of the Capitol sessions. It shows their complete lack of musicianship at this early stage (which I also saw/heard firsthand at my high school in 1964 - sucked big-time). Besides "Karate," the other three instros are lame at best, and the vocals - well, they went on to ruin the surf scene for ever, spreading their peanut butter doo wop harmonies in lieu of surf guitars.
Picks: Surfer's Stomp, Karate, Baleca Blue (Balboa Blue), Wipe Out

Track by Track Review

Surfer's Stomp dotdot
MOR Surf (Instrumental)

Just learned to hold the instruments, no idea about the sense of ensemble required, or the need for a bit of soul in the playing, thus able to deliver an even less interesting and more stripped down rendition of a studio concoction. Historically interesting, but of no other value.

Karate dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A very simple progression played repeatedly, interrupted occasionally with cries of "Karate." Rhythmic back-grounder, just barely surfy. Historically valid, but unimportant. Will fit into a surf set as a break from the intensity and melodic power of the real thing.

Baleca Blue (Balboa Blue) dotdot
MOR Surf (Instrumental)

Like "Surfers Stomp." Historically interesting, but of no other value.

Wipe Out dot
Surf (Instrumental)

Almost (not quite) the lamest version of "Wipe Out" I've ever heard, and too slow to be meaningful. Reminds me of a band just learning a song by playing it at half speed to get the notes right.