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Collection: Straight Outta Burbankdotdotdot
artworkThis is a two CD set, a cross section of 25 years of Bomp!. 45 tracks, almost two and a half hours of music, ranging from King Fuzz to Sun Ra. You'll hear the Zeros, the Dead Boys, Iggy and the Stooges, the Germs, the Dils, DMZ, Swell Maps, the Pink Fairies, and so many more. The main theme is edge, but then that's the story of Bomp!, isn't it? For the slab of history alone, this is a good deal. It also sports two fuzz instros.
Picks: Open Throttle, Mr. Fruity Pants

Track by Track Review

Open Throttle dotdotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

This is the In The Red ultra dirty mix, with maximum hum and super distortion. It's grimy, gritty, grating, and damn ugly, like fulfilling the promise of Blue Cheer. Davie Allan is a living legend, a monster of unsung proportions. This is just the nastiest thing he's ever done. It was originally issued on seven inch as the B-side of "Chopper." Very ugly, ominous, and HUGE! A stomp with the fuzz box on 11 produced by Chris Ashford with fingernails on the blackboard in mind. Love at first sound!

Mr. Fruity Pants dotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Mr. Fruity Pants" uses more distortion than your mothers meat loaf. It seems like a throatcore sludger without vocals, plundering and just slightly faster than plodding. More backdrop to a nightmare than a song. Narrated knuckle-dragging is heard throughout. Title wise, it fits the genre, where frequent use of "pansies" as victims was seen.