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Collection: Spotswood [Soundtrack]dotdotdot
artworkOne night in 1994, I rented an Anthony Hopkins video called The Efficiency Expert. I had not seen this Australian film in the theaters, but then again I live in the cultural backwater of Santa Cruz County. Not only was it a cool movie, the score featured a near surf instro as it's theme. I dubbed the opening score, and had played it once or twice on my show. Over the years, I have inquired about the soundtrack, but to no avail. With more and more contacts in Australia, I kept my hope alive that the soundtrack was on disc. Recently, I was trading email with Russell Workman abut the Atlantics. Russell runs a great collectables record shop called the Vintage Record Cafe in Sydney, as well as does professional photography. He said he never heard of it. He made some inquiries, and emailed back that no one knew about the film. Then, a few minutes later, Russell emailed again, having asked one of his customers, who knew that The Efficiency Expert was the name under which Spotswood was issued in the US and Europe. A couple of days later, after a trip to another city, Russell found a copy for me. I was amazed and elated.

The first four tracks on the soundtrack are 'Catch The Wind' - Donovan, 'The Loved Ones' - the Loved Ones, 'Hey Baby' - the La De Das, and 'Sick and Tired' - Billy Thorpe.
Picks: Spotswood, Durmack's Factory, Midnight, Sad Theme, Slot-Car Race, Pentimento +, Drivin' and Jivin', Seduction, Spotswood Orchestral, Canteen Strut, In The Rain, Bicycle Race, Spostwood Reprise

Track by Track Review

Spotswood dotdotdot
Fluid Guitar (Instrumental)

This silky slow theme is very endearing and a little sad. A beautiful melody with sultry guitar and a sophisticated surf underbelly.

Durmack's Factory dotdotdot
Orchestral Scene (Instrumental)

Orchestral, dramatic, slightly ominous in an industrial way, with piano and guitar over dangerous bull fiddles. A scene setter, not a song.

Midnight dotdotdot
MOR Surf (Instrumental)

Strings and sultry guitar, watery and countrified, in an MOR setting, like Nelson Riddle with a lap steel.

Sad Theme dotdotdot
Backdrop (Instrumental)

Piano and moody keys, slow scene backdrop, with a somewhat dramatic pulse.

Slot-Car Race dotdotdot
Understated (Instrumental)

With the sort of drama felt in "Shaft," this wispy number underscored a funny scene in someone's garage where the slot cars track was buzzing at full speed. Tribal and jugular, in a quite kinda way.

Pentimento + dotdotdot
Contemplative (Instrumental)

Piano delicate, airy sad, and contemplative.

Drivin' and Jivin' dotdotdot
Memphis Freeway Surf (Instrumental)

In a slightly Memphis flavored almost Booker T. and the MG's twinged arrangement, this track sports fun and a funky groove for the open road, spices with glissandoes and stinging whammy.

Seduction dotdotdot
Dweeb Sex (Instrumental)

Slow and sultry, whimsical and silky, this slowly looks over shape-revealed attractions in a comic exotic setting, like a harem for dweebs. Very cool.

Spotswood Orchestral dotdotdot
Orchestral (Instrumental)

This is the orchestral arrangement of the theme. Not as interesting, but pleasing none the less.

Canteen Strut dotdotdot
Pinnocchio Strut (Instrumental)

Looking for a sandwich and a brew, this slow moody piece throbs with a solid bass line and a playful almost Pinnocchio melody riff. Quite cool.

In The Rain dotdotdot
Shower (Instrumental)

Countrified bouncy... short and to the point.

Bicycle Race dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is the instrumental I was so struck by when I saw the film. It's bouncy and infectious, and would really shine with the full reverb treatment. The melody is less than comic, but definitely has a grin about it, and the rhythm track is fluid and fun. In the American release, this was also used in the introductory credits in lieu of "Spotswood."

Spostwood Reprise dotdotdot
Fluid Guitar (Instrumental)

The theme, reprised on guitar, silky and sultry. Again, silky slow and a little sad, with a pretty melody played on a sultry guitar and a sophisticated surf underbelly.