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Collection: Some Kinda Fun: Songs We Taught The Untamed Youthdotdot
artworkJust three instros here, and all are from low quality vinyl sources. It is interesting to hear sources for some of The Untamed Youth's more obscure rants.
Picks: Squiddly Diddly - Surf Busters, The Surf Teens - Moment Of Truth

Track by Track Review

Squiddly Diddly - Surf Busters dotdotdot
Children's Surf (Instrumental)

"Surf Busters" is the sort of thing that would be found as incidental music in those beach movies wit Frankie and Annette. That said, the drums and bass are very solid, and while the guitars are dry, the melody is pretty darn surfable. There's plenty energy despite the low volume employed in studio sessions in those days. So, it's worth checking out.

The Kingsmen - Haunted Castle Party dotdotdot
Garage-60's (Instrumental)

Those Louie Louie boys cut this early on. It's a rockin' jazzy organ grinder with a jammy sound and some cool guitar and drums breaks.

The Surf Teens - Moment Of Truth dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

From vinyl, this track is a solid cover of a classic of the period. It's uses the Original Surfaris' arrangement, focusing on the dark lead lines. Rhythmic and well delivered.