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Collection: Solid Gold Coxsone Styledotdot
artworkOK, so this is a reggae CD, and a chart package at that. However, hidden amidst the more common tracks is an instro titled "Surfing" from the legendary Ernest Ranglin. Then again, it's not surf music, but with a little imagination, you can see the sea...
Picks: Park View, Iron Side, Surfing

Track by Track Review

Park View dotdotdot
Reggae Jazz (Instrumental)

This reggae instro floats with a soft jazz guitar lead that oozes quiet afternoon lagoon images. Very serene, yet the occasional double picked floating glissandoes bring it to the breakers.

Iron Side dotdot
Reggae Jazz (Instrumental)

This primitive recording of what's more like a reggae backtrack than a song seems to meander without much direction for a long time. The sound is somewhat distorted.

Surfing dotdotdot
Reggae Surf (Instrumental)

Ernest Ranglin's floating watery instro "Surfing" sports jazz guitar and waves lapping the shore. Wah wah, a soft scene, and a chorus "oo-ooing" doesn't make a surf instro, but it does sorta have a surf feel in a Jamaican kinda way.