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Collection: Sleazy Surfdotdot
artworkThis compilation purports none of the 16 tracks contained within have been compiled on an album before..., however that is just not the case. I suppose you can credit the error to ignorance, but I resent such claims when not researched. Besides that, other tracks are totally unrelated to surf in any way at all, and some are just plain terrible. One of the big threats to the survival of surf is this kind of misrepresentation. The packaging is cute in the fifties cheese mode. For those who have not ventured into the magnificent White Label's releases where some of this has already been issued, this album does contain a couple of nice rare tracks.
Picks: The Bedwells - Karate Again, The Hustlers - Migraine, The Motivations - Motivate, The Regents - Motivation, The Royaltones - Black Lightning

Track by Track Review

The A-Jacks - Fury dotdot
Guitar (Instrumental)

Non-surf low growly guitar a la Link Wray, a simple riff and a stop-start mentality. Just so-so.

The Barracudas - Saturn dot
Wurlitzer (Instrumental)

Crap Wurlitzer organ mung... forget it quick, or you'll lose your sense completely.

The Bedwells - Karate Again dotdotdot
Piano Rock & Roll Surf (Instrumental)

Distorted piano and over driven guitar in a cool tune with some surf elements.

The Gestics - Invasion dotdot
Boy Chorus Surf (Instrumental)

The great low-E reverbo deluxe is overpowered by the awful vocalizing and the boring guitar break.

The Hustlers - Migraine dotdotdot
Sax Plucky Guitar (Instrumental)

Sax driven tune with a plucky rhythm guitar. The melody is not good, little more than a progression. That said, after many years, it's still a very cool little track with great drums and catchy pickin'.

The Moons - Gammera dot
Girl Chorus Surf (Instrumental)

Horrid female voices sing the chorus over great glissandos and a nowhere "Bat Man"-ish sound.

The Moptops - Moptop dotdot
Organ Surf (Instrumental)

Organ lead surf with a hot backtrack. The organ really gets in the way, sapping all of the energy out of it.

The Motions - Big Chief dot
Indian Piano Surf (Instrumental)

Indian tom-toms and a pumpin piano plus a surf guitar playing slowly with vibrato. It's kinda cool, but the girl chorus sucks. James Bond goes to K-mart.

The Motivations - Motivate dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Like their other tracks, this is rhythm oriented surf with an infectious sound. Cool, but pretty repetitious.

The Nomads - Bounty Hunter dot
Piano Sax (Instrumental)

Piano and sax similar to some of the Viscounts lesser tracks. Definitely not surf.

The Regents - Motivation dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A cool heavily damped lead makes this track interesting. It would be even better if it weren't so repetitious...

The Royaltones - Black Lightning dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The only surfish track the Royaltones ever did, and it's been comp'd several times on releases from Holland's White Label. A cool tune for sure. What I wanna know is, when is there going to be a CD from the masters of their stuff. Flamingo Express is a killer track.

The Telstars - Topless dotdot
Echoplex Indian Surf (Instrumental)

Surf guitars and Echoplex and a direct rip off of "Apache" that evolves into a Las Vegas stop-start grind. The Indian tom-toms are cool.

The Twilight Stringers - Pale Face Twist dotdot
Indian Bison Bop (Instrumental)

A Indian track by a bison bop outfit with an upright bass. Totally not surf or even surf related. Horrible ambient recording, as were many of the middle America tracks of the rockabilly era.

Bob Vaught and the Renegaids - Church Key Twist dotdot
Boy Chorus Surf (Instrumental)

One of Bob Vaught's lesser tracks that's been comp'd before. A pretty straight version of an all too common tune with suck-dog vocal chorus work.

The Vulcaines - Moon Probe dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Not too surfy, especially compared to their other releases. Spacy tones and the sound of post-surf space single B-sides.