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Collection: Ska Cover It Up!dotdotdot
artworkPure ska here, no surf - well not exactly. There are 6 instros, one of which is a cover of the original ska reinvention of "Pipeline." The comp also sports a few well-chosen vocals, including the splendid ska treatment of "Black Sabbath"'s "Paranoid" from Ruder Than You.
Picks: The Munsters Cue, Pennsylvania 6-5000, Miss-Ska-Culation, Dick Tracy Cue, Music To Watch Girls By, Inspector Gadget

Track by Track Review

The Munsters Cue dotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

Vic Mizzy's catchy TV theme to the television series "The Munsters" gets a complete facelift. "The Munsters Cue" features raging ska rhythms, wild sax rants, and many changes, from fast classic ska sounds to slow sultry verses, and the horns are in perfect sync with the show's squirrely theme. Way cool.

Pennsylvania 6-5000 dotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

Classic hep cat combo swing is surprisingly well suited to the ska idiom, or maybe the idiom is morphed suitably to accommodate this swingin' tune. Either way, Heptet (formerly known as Ska King Crab) make the time gap between between the forties and now seem to melt away. Even the few borrowed lines from "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and "Hall Of The Mountain King" add pizzazz. Boppin' cool fun.

Miss-Ska-Culation dotdotdotdot
Ska Surf (Instrumental)

When the Chantays' "Pipeline" hit the Jamaican airwaves, it inspired liberation into the ska genre by Roland Al and the Soul Brothers, who renamed it "Miss-Ska-Culation." Since then, several ska bands have borrowed liberally from that first translation. This is faster, more like Bad Manners' version in some ways, but also more manic. Interestingly enough, it ends with a few verses of "Hall Of The Mountain King." Entirely fun!

Dick Tracy Cue dotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

This often covered instro is lots of fun, though it's not as cool as either Os Ostras' or Orestes Prezza's versions. Lots of manic energy and groove, but not as much soul - i.e. not as suave.

Music To Watch Girls By dotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

Many a band has played this live over the decades. This is the first ska version I am aware of. Rousing joy and energy, with an endless procession of scooters and stripes. Total fun.

Inspector Gadget dotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

Lots of energy, but alas not much to set it apart from the crowd. Rousing classic ska riffs and beats. The theme from the "Inspector Gadget" TV show works well enough as an instro for the idiom, but it's probably much better live than in-studio.