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Collection: The Scotty Storydotdotdot
artworkMostly from original tapes sources, this comp exposes one of Minnesota's minor labels. The Scotsmen, the Victors, the illusive Paisleys, the legendary Electras, and even the Litter are here. 4 instros are included, only one of which borders on surfable.
Picks: Pregnant Pig, Scotch Mist, Courage To Cry, Scotch Mist II

Track by Track Review

Pregnant Pig dotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

This riff rockin' fuzz grinder sounds like perhaps an unused backtrack. It lacks the focus of a lead, but would shine behind a snotty garage vocal.

Scotch Mist dotdotdot
Garage Sub Surf (Instrumental)

If it weren't for the string bending, you'd swear the guitar lead was an electric piano. This isn't a surf tune. In fact, it's clearly in the garage vein. Yet the guitar has an urgent storm surf turbulence to it that conjures dangerous rides in the rain. Pretty jammy, yet quite enjoyable.

Courage To Cry dotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

This instro is essentially an unreleased backtrack. Its moodiness and gentility place it just at the edge of the surf on a post surf afternoon, waiting for the soup to reorganize into rideable sets. Interesting.

Scotch Mist II dotdotdot
Memphis Jam (Instrumental)

If Them had cut "Green Onions" instead of Booker T. and the MG's, "Scotch Mist II" might have sounded like this. This Memphis style jam approaches the coolness of the classic groove.