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Collection: Rockin' Christmas - The 60'sdotdotdot
This Rhino Records release includes two surfin' Christmas vocals and one pre-surf rockin' instrumental. The Trashmen provide "Dancin' With Santa," a vocal number about finding yur mom messin with a dude in a red suit. It was originally a single on Garrett circa '64. The Turtles give forth cheer via "Santa & The Sidewalk Surfer." On the instro side of things, there's the exquisite "Twistin' Bells" from Santo & Johnny. Issued in 1984. 12 inch vinyl LP long gone.
Picks: Twistin' Bells, Santa and The Sidewalk Surfer, Dancin' With Santa

Track by Track Review

Twistin' Bells dotdotdotdot
Steel Christmas Surf (Instrumental)

Santo and Johnny mesmerized us back then with their romantic "Sleep Walk." Their "Slave Girl" inspired the Sentinals' "Latin'ia." So, when the bros did "Jingle Bells," naturally it ripped. Now, I know it's not actually a surf tune, but when you get this close and inspire surf bands, I guess it's alright. This track appears in a couple of pretty hard to find forms these days, both from the mercenaries at Rhino Records.

Santa and The Sidewalk Surfer dotdotdot
California Beach Pop Xmas (Vocal)

"Santa & The Sidewalk Surfer" is a California beach pop holiday classic. It tries to cash in on the skate board craze while it was in its infancy. It's hard to imagine listening to this that they were once the Crossfires.

Dancin' With Santa dotdotdot
California Beach Pop Xmas (Vocal)

This is a fine example of what can happen when the mid-America's best garage band goes gaga over Christmas. Their vocal style over a surf bed with cool lyrics is just too priceless. Excellent!