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Collection: Rockin' Rollin' Wheelin'dotdotdot
artworkA thematic compilation, cars of course. Mostly a lot of fifties stuff, but then there are 4 cool surf or surf compatible tracks. These tracks are from vinyl, but are pretty darn clean. Some of this is very rare, some not, some really good fun, and others just so-so.
Picks: Spinnin' Wheels Boogie, When Johnny Comes Dragging Home, Dragster, Road Runnah

Track by Track Review

Spinnin' Wheels Boogie dotdotdotdot
Rockabilly Boogie (Instrumental)

Right from the start, you get the feeling that there just might be something good here. Well, Hank C. Burnette spins up a whoppin' good near-surf boogie woogie guitar number with a mighty big lead guitar. It's from 1971, but is perfectly 1957 stylistically. The actual title is "Spinnin' Rock Boogie."

When Johnny Comes Dragging Home dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Lancers had a raw sound indeed. This is the B-side to their incredible garage version of "Baja." It rips and pummels. Great primitive raw edged surf. Of course, you know this is "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" all surfed up, right?

Dragster dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

If it says Johnny Fortune, you need it. A master at the age of 16, already a veteran of hit records by Sam Cooke among others, and his 10 year old brother is the drummer. Great tune, and Johnny had a totally unique sound.

Road Runnah dotdotdotdot
Hot Rod Surf (Instrumental)

The single A-side (B-side was "Quasimoto"), this track ended up on the London Records release of the Pyramids' album. It does not appear on the original Best Records release, and bears no similarity in playing or style to the Pyramids. OK, so that's not a slam, just a clarification. This track rules! It's hot, "Pipeline" like, and fiery. It may be a bit obscure, but it's a great track!