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Collection: Rock Perudotdotdotdot
artworkA lot of amazing psychedelic music came out of Peru in the sixties, some with substantial surf underpinnings, and others just plain cool! Four instros ride among the slab of period coolness.
Picks: El Alamo - Malos Pensamientos, Los Belking's - Phi Fenomeno, Los Holy's - Piedra de Los 12 Angulos, Los Jaguar's - Melodia Apache

Track by Track Review

Malos Pensamientos dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

On the pompous side, "Malos Pensamientos" features heavy wah wah and organ grind, with lumbering drums slightly phased shifted. Some active panning adds to the psychedelic swirl of it all. This is more interesting than many intentionally psychedelic tracks. One vocal verse in the middle. Much is made of the echo effect.

Phi Fenomeno dotdotdotdot
Backwards Psych (Instrumental)

Yup, where others dared to use a single backwards track in their mixdown, Los Belkings reversed the entire track. When reversed, it turns out to be a stereo version of "Septima Patrulla," which appears on the wonderful Sons of Yma comp. This is a much heavier track than others here, at least in parts. It sports a Euro lead guitar tone, and also uses heavy garage fuzz. The drums are splendid and the melody solid, with plenty of oomph in the delivery.

Piedra de Los 12 Angulos dotdotdot
Gˇnero desconocido (Instrumental)

This is a fast number with great drums and rolling bass. The tortured string bending and near-mandolin double picking provide the psychedelic surf edge, while the organ and production create a pop ethic. Very interesting.

Melodia Apache dotdotdotdot
Space Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Muted and heavily echoed guitar, soaring flights of fancy like some of the spacier tracks on The Ventures In Space. This is really cool in a psych goes to space sort of way.