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Collection: The Return Of Jesus Part II [Soundtrack]dotdotdotdot
artworkThis Swedish soundtrack sports bands on the indie Birdnest label, mostly punk influenced, yet all different and most very good. Aside from two otherwise unavailable tracks from my favorite Bottle Ups, there are many stark vocals from the likes of Sober, Charta 77 and Lena Endre Refused and Trio Lligo, Dia Psalma, Israelvis, Rovsvett, Charta 77 and Inca, the Guineapigs, the Stukas, Johan Johansson and the Best Fucking Band, Charta 77 and Tomas Hanton and the Stukas, Ellen Jamesians, the Human Error, Motorpsycho, Abhinanda, and Charta 77 and Trio Lligo. Well worth searching out.
Picks: Pewtar's Theme, Trigger Happy, Rumble Weed

Track by Track Review

Pewtar's Theme dotdotdot
Punk (Instrumental)

The legendary Stukas deliver a speedy punkoidal thrashing, with classic Brit-punk spark and flair. Great edge and grind, with mucho magnetic eighties charm. Melodic, rhythmic, and way cool!

Trigger Happy dotdotdotdot
Punk (Instrumental)

Not far removed from the Bottle Ups, Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks deliver a vibrato savvy theme with twang and charm. The unusual riffs are offset by throbbing vibrato and a spunky rhythm section (of course). Very cool track!

Rumble Weed dotdotdotdot
Punk (Instrumental)

With "Runnin' Scared" drama and dribbling edge, Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks bring cowboy rhythms to the rhythm section, and use simple and rather infectious riffs. It's amazing just how cool minimal can be. Excellent!