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Collection: Real Gone Garbagedot
artworkMostly vocal trash, but with a gem or two. Among the vox pop wonders is "N-A-C-L" from Tony Moon and the Aktones, important only because the Aktones are reported to be Aki Aleong and the Nobles. Then, there's also the cheesy talking trend catcher "El Surfer" (Baggys), and the dreadful narrated "Chicken Surfer" (Zanies).
Picks: Irving Gluck Twist, Surfer John, Enchanted Forest, A Taste Of Poison, Chained, Strange Happenings, The Adventures of Frank N. Stein, Cords, Inc.

Track by Track Review

Irving Gluck Twist
Bad Rock (Instrumental)

This is one cheesy dumb studio thing. Giving gimmicky a bad name, as many fifties 45's did, "Irving Gluck Twist" simply sux of forced cuteness. 'My name is Irving Gluck" is endlessly dubbed over the top of this mindless jam.

Surfer John
Bad Surf (Instrumental)

Introduced by an awful girl vox, "Surfer John" employs near surf guitar in a classic studio session arrangement, meaning no melody and damn near nothing to remember it by.

Enchanted Forest dotdotdot
Bad Rock (Instrumental)

This is a barnyard variation of the "Quiet Village" idea. Exotica gone mad, yet in a silly way, pretty cute. The theremin war scene is so One Step Beyond. It ends with a cuckoo clock, and a horse whinny.

A Taste Of Poison dotdot
Bad Rock (Instrumental)

The chord progression is the Blues Magoos hit "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet," and that's where the comparison ends. Gurgling water, Igor grunts, harmonica wails, and reverby cave dweller ambiance. A strange track.

Chained dot
Bad Rock (Instrumental)

Surf guitar mostly buried in a "Music To Watch Girls By" rhythm track, led by a meandering sax. Monster screams complete the inane scene as the organ swirls in from the mall.

Strange Happenings dot
Bad Rock (Instrumental)

Heavy fuzz, stupid screams from the Elektra sound effects disc, and a no-melody progression. Sorta grodie, kinda jammy, and generally without focus.

The Adventures of Frank N. Stein dot
Bad Rock (Instrumental)

Al Casey at his lowest. Igor rants and screams, and stupid pointless meandering keyboard noodling. It gives contrived a bad name.

Cords, Inc. dotdot
Psychedelic Fuzz (Instrumental)

Opening on the dramatic side, "Cords, Inc." quickly becomes just a riff dominated filler with howls.