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Collection: Rare Surf Volume 6: The Capitol Masters 2dotdotdot
artwork33 tracks from the Capitol vaults, with 11 instros and a bunch of Gary Usher-Brian Wilson vocals. Great liner notes and the only pix I've seen of Richard Podolor, aside from the one where he is in the back seat of the car on the cover of the Super Stocks LP.
Picks: Monster Surf Stomp, Cruisin', When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home, Flash Falcon, Night Rod, Twin Cut-Outs, Woody Walk, After The Game, Stranger From Durango, Nothing Good, Stranger From Durango

Track by Track Review

Monster Surf Stomp dotdotdot
Studio Surf (Instrumental)

This Gary Paxton production was an attempt at surf instrumentals, but like most studio sessions, missed the point completely. Aside from the shimmer of the vibrato guitar, everything else is not part of the surf sound. Having said that, it's a solid instro with an enjoyable sound.

Cruisin' dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Nick Venet produced "Cruisin'" in 1961, before the Gary Usher hot rod sound took hold. As a result, it's much more musical and less jammy. Nasty sax and reasonable progressions. According to the liner notes, the musicians may be the same as those on the Piltdown Men sessions.

When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home dotdotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Battle Hymn Of The Republic" has seen many rock interpretations, including the Lancers' great single and the Apemen too. This is almost as aggressive and nasty as the Lancers' side. Nick Venet produced it in 1961.

Flash Falcon dotdotdot
Surf Pop (Instrumental)

This is your typical studio progression filler instro, slightly more melodic than that might imply, but even slightly like a surf tune or developed like a song exposed to an audience over time would be. It crawls along, plodding through a high school marching band with guitar sound, augmented with the Dead Man's Curve French horns. At least there's vibrato on the guitar.

Night Rod dotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

More studio session rock, with Steve Douglas' sax in front and hot rods raging across the monitors. Rhythmic, but unremarkable. Some early fuzz.

Twin Cut-Outs dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

More motors race across a "Wipe Out" based track. Pretty ho-hum, despite the wailin' sax.

Woody Walk dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Funky horns honk, the sax honks, and somewhere in all this is an idea. Really gimmicky and jammy. Not the great Manuel and the Renegades song.

After The Game dotdot
Studio (Instrumental)

This is a slowdance end of the dance kinda track. The guitar lead is minimal and without much you could confuse with personality. Pretty ho-hum.

Stranger From Durango dotdotdot
Body Rub Surf (Instrumental)

"Stranger From Durango" is a slow close body contact dance tune. Richard Podolor's guitar tone is in evidence. Pretty and on the verge of surf. It was issued both as Richie Allen and Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers.

Nothing Good dotdotdot
Piano Rock (Instrumental)

Uncharacteristic of Richie Podolor tracks, "Nothing Good" is a piano lead track that rocks and stomps. Very infectious and groovy, with a great sound.

Stranger From Durango dotdotdot
Piano Rock (Instrumental)

Much like the Richie Allen track, but with more soul. The liners incorrectly identify this track as an alternate without overdubs of the Richie Allen take, but in fact, it is Davie Allan and the Arrows playing it as a favor for Podolor. It was never intended for release.