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Collection: Rare Mexican Cutsdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is just one of several grand glimpses into the sixties garage band scene in Mexico. This disc sports some really amazing stuff. Personal faves Los Apson are here twice with "Satisfaction" and "Suzy Q," Los Johnny Jets do "Fever" better than Dick Dale, and Los Rockin Devils slaughter "Halo Que Tal" aka "Hello I Love You." There's more of course, including a track from my favorite Mexican band name Los Locos Del Ritmo. There's also a marvelous garage instro version of "Peter Gunn." It's all from vinyl.
Picks: Pedro Pistola

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Pedro Pistola dotdotdotdot
Mexican Detective Rock (Instrumental)

These guys were the madmen of Mexico in the sixties - hey, isn't that what Los Locos means? The Crazies of Rhythm as it were. They did things to American standard garage punk and the like that were totally unique. Some enterprising sole should unearth their whole catalog of singles and stuff and issue a CD. They weren't talented in the technical sense, but their genuine true-to-life directness about their music just oozed fun. They had a total absence of pretension. As you might guess from the title, "Pedro (Peter) Pistolas (Gunn)" is the Henry Mancini classic. It ain't surf, but there's little from Mexico that is cooler than this. Hot stuff!