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Collection: Pounding Surf: A Drummer's Guide To Surf Musicdotdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is one amazing DVD, which documents surf music's roots and re-evolution, and is chock full of essential surf drums info, style, how-to, and talent. Much of it was recorded live at the Hunting Beach Surfing Museum.

It's very well put together, and the players are all warm and very genuine. This DVD! is full of surf instrumental history from guys that were there, and insights into surf drumming from four superb and very different drummers.

Here's a few highlights:

  • Paul Johnson talks about the roots & birth of surf music, the beginning of The Belairs, and the early scene. You may have read about this, but his words are always more electric when he's right there in front of you. Part of the history Paul delivers is via a rare interview with Richard Delvy. They talk about Wipe Out, its publishing, and more. Delvy discusses doing bunch of TV show soundtracks post Challengers with Ed Fournier.
  • Bob Colwell talks about drumming with Dave Myers and the Surftones, and the great excitement at gigs.
  • Tracy Longstreth tells of the beginnings of The Rhythm Rockers, and their residency as house band at the Rendezvous Ballroom when Dick Dale left to tour in support of his records across Southern California.
  • Bob Spickard and Brian Welch talk about writing Pipeline, that it was the b-side, and Richard Delvy's role in getting it flipped over to become a mega hit.
The Revival
  • Ron Eglit talks about drafting Dusty Watson into Dick Dale's band. Dusty talks about Jon & The Nightriders, joining Agent Orange, being shocked by Dave Wronski's playing in the nineties, founding Slacktone, and much more, including playing with Lita Ford.
  • Paul talks about the founding of The Packards, his solo projects, The Surfaris, and The Duo-Tones, along with his early direct marketing in anticipation of the internet. He also tells lots of stories about the birth and death of the first wave, and compares the third wave, all related to the internet's power to spread the music.
  • Jim Pash talks about the recording of Wipe Out as if he was there, Jim Fuller's melody, liberated from Duane Eddy's Yep in a Bongo Rock structure.
  • Revival according to Dusty and how Slacktone heard about Agent Orange recording Tidal Wave for a new album, and how their all peeved, going to talk to Mike Palm about it, and 20 minute later Dusty's in the band!
  • PJ talks about the third wave, Pulp Fiction. Joining The Surfaris, and how founding The Duo-Tones with Gil Orr was back to the beginning a la Eddie & PJ. He illustrates percussive syncopation on second guitar, and gets into progressive trios.
Drum Lessons
  • Jim Pash talks about how to correctly play the drums in Wipe Out.
  • Dusty talks about how he drums with his broad grin! It's amazing! He explains the power of the opening drum riff from Walk Don't Run, and lots more. Dusty plays a classic surf drum beat... Explaining about whipping the drum to pull the sound out of it, transposing marching band snare to the kit, and how it's about the spaces between the hits!
  • Dusty, while talking about the revival, tells the tale of joining Dick Dale, how Dick is very particular, always starting the fill on the one, and Dick picking in sync with drums.
  • Lee Kix talks about the language of the drums, and about tuning his drums for each song.
  • Rosarita 3 Day is played by Dusty Watson (drums) with Ron Eglit (bass), Paul Johnson (rhythm), Dave Wronski (lead).
  • Bob Colwell (drums), Matt Quilter (lead), Jeff Hanson (bass) play a classy Moment Of Truth.
  • Dusty Watson (drums), Ron Eglit (bass), Dave Wronski (lead), PJ (rhythm) rock on Miserlou. Dusty breaks a stick, tosses it over his shoulder, grabs another, and doesn't miss a beat!
  • Paul Johnson shows Dusty how to play Squad Car, and about the meaning of the three parts of the song (the set up with tom toms, cops lookin' for bad guys with the Ringo beat, and the hot pursuit. Dusty is a good boy but then explains that the new surf guys play much differently, saying he wants to play it again, only faster, harder, louder. All I can say is - holy cow! Dusty also plays Wipe Out with PJ.
  • The Reventlos amaze as always with El Pendejo & Death Of A Reventlo, and their drummer Lee Kix, veteran of hundreds of sessions and records, explains it all.
  • Tracy Longstreth demonstrates a classic surf beat, then along with Paul Johnson (rhythm), Matt Quilter (lead), and Ron Eglit (bass) play a classic Mr. Moto.
  • Lee Kix (drums), Matt Quilter (lead), PJ (rhythm) and Jeff Hanson (bass) play Squad Car.
The DVD ends with a four-drummer Wipe Out mashup with PJ, Ron, and Matt on the axes.

You don't have to be drummer to enjoy this DVD! It's well produced, entertaining, musically rich, and essential. Appearing in the DVD:
  • Dusty Watson (Jon & The Nightriders, Slacktone, Agent Orange, Dick Dale, and more)
  • Bob Colwell (Dave Myers & The Surftones, The Trademarks, The Goofy Foots)
  • Lee Kix (The Reventlos, various Ventures sessions) Tracy Longstreth (The Rhythm Rockers)
  • Paul Johnson (The Belairs, PJ and Artie, PJ and the Galaxies, Davie Allan and the Arrows, The Packards, The Surfaris, The Duo-Tones) Matt Quilter (The Reventlos)
  • Dave Wronski (Jon and the Nightriders, Slacktone)
  • Ron Eglit (The Emeralds, Adrian and the Sunsets, The Hollywood Sunsets, Dick Dale, Dead Men Don't Surf, The Surfaris) Jeff Hanson (The Intrepids, The Moby Dicks)
Extended music list:
  • The Surfaris - Wipe Out, Point Panic
  • The Reventlos - El Pendejo, Death Of A Reventlo, Western Stars
  • Jon & The Nightriders - Cabazon, Depth Charge
  • The Belairs - Mr. Moto, Volcanic Action, The Crawler, Chiflado, Bedlam
  • The Packards - Mr. Moto, Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord, Gird Thy Sword On, Green Room, Bedlam, Tally Ho, Lanky Bones, Wild Goose, Side Slippin'
  • Dave Myers & The Surftones - Moment Of Truth
  • Bob Colwell, Matt Quilter (lead), Jeff Hanson (bass) - Moment Of Truth
  • The Rhythm Rockers - Nine Toes, Stardust, Breakfast At Trestles
  • The Surfriders - Rum Runner
  • Paul & Eddie - Squad Car
  • Slacktone - Miserlou, Tidal Wave, Pipeline, Mr. Moto, The Bells Of St. Kahuna
  • The Good Guys - Surf-Ari, Duck Waddle, Kamikaze
  • PJ & Artie - Fink
  • The Challengers - K-39
  • Eddie & The Showmen - Squad Car
  • The Chantays - Pipeline, Move It
  • Paul Johnson - Surfboard Theme, Streets Of Gold
  • The Surfaris - Wipe Out, Point Panic
  • Dick Dale - Shake & Stomp
  • The Duo-Tones - Crystal T
Picks: Rosarita 3 Day, Moment Of Truth, Miserlou, Squad Car, Wipe Out, Death Of A Reventlo, Mr. Moto

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