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Collection: Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives, Vol. 5dot
artworkThis is a very unremarkable volume of this series. Mucho crud with only an occasional bright spot, which appears elsewhere. Skip this one!
Picks: The Cordells - I Love How You Love Me

Track by Track Review

The Bongo Teens - Another Wipe Out dot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is mighty murky... as if the mic was on the talk box. The utterly horrid sound doesn't hurt a "Wipe Out" wanna be that's all jam. Not worth your time.

Paul Buff - Romance Theme
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

More or less solo piano plays a slow and slightly sad melody. Kinda pretty, but unremarkable, and once the organ comes in, it sounds like it belongs on the mall.

The Cordells - I Love How You Love Me dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is just a pretty surf version of The Paris Sisters' "I Love How You Love Me." It's easily as soft, but with surf guitar replacing Pricilla Paris' breathy voice. In 1961, this was an instant classic last dance romancer. The Cordells really do it justice. Excellent!

Dino Dupree And The Pharaohs - Chaser dot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is just riff rock, and not very well recorded at that. Quite unremarkable.

The Masters - Under The Earth
Blues (Instrumental)

Sounding like it's from the same session as "Cookin' Turnips" (The Pal Studio Band), "Under The Earth" just noodles around.

The Pal Studio Band - Cookin' Turnips
Blues (Instrumental)

This is a fairly bluesy jam with no character. Just echoed guitar and and endless chain of notes.

The Rhythm Surfers - 502 (Like Getting Pinched On A 502) dotdotdot
Neighborhood Surf (Instrumental)

This is club progression sorta tune, no melody, and a bunch of shoutin'. The surf guitar is quite buried in the mix, and borrows from the Novas' "The Crusher" and "Miserlou" in spots. Rhythmic, and slightly infectious. Probably great at a frat party.

Ronnie And The Casuals - One Degree South dot
Blues (Instrumental)

"One Degree South" is another blind jam. Despite the addition of bongos and some decent sax jammin', it still doesn't cut the mustard!

The Tired 4 - Somethin' Stupid
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

A slow beat chumps under vibes and an off-the-street kinda chorus. This sounds like a drunken party rendering of a classic easy listening hit. Just awful!