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Collection: Northwest Battle Of The Bands Volume Two: Knock You Flatdotdotdot
artworkVolume two sports more primal groaners and pop gems from the marvelous Northwest scene. The tracks here are just as essential as on volume one, maybe even more so. You can't pass up Don and the Goodtimes' "Louie Louie" or the Bards' "My generation," or better yet the ultra frat Raymarks with "Louise." The Sonics round out the set with "You Got Your Head On Backwards." Both volumes will knock you flat. Oh yeah, there are two fine Northwest instros here.
Picks: Black Cat, Alki Point

Track by Track Review

Black Cat dotdotdot
Piano Cool Cat (Instrumental)

A groovy mid tempo piano number with a catchy riff and saucy sax break, like a spin-off of a Wailers' instro. Very groovy, with tasty dry guitar licks. I like it.

Alki Point dotdotdotdot
Piano / Guitar Rock (Instrumental)

This riff rockin' piano lead number crawls the floor looking for a melody, then along comes the guitar to take the lead with a grodie low register riff... fun and gutty.