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Collection: No Approval Neededdotdotdot
artworkThis compilation contains almost entirely hard core punk tracks, with the lone exception of a spirited live recording of Squid Vicious' Deep Eddy. The recording quality is not too good, but the performance shows off their energy and style, and will extend your appreciation for their studio work. I suspect that a good live session would be awesome from these guys. Deep Eddy would seem to beg for a Ska arrangement, though this arrangement also works just fine. This is a must-see band, and I am anticipating great things from their planned CD.
Picks: Squid Vicious - Deep Eddy

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Squid Vicious - Deep Eddy dotdotdot
Aggressive Garage Surf (Instrumental)

The Squidly daddies deliver one fiery performance of their original number that is also available in studio form elsewhere. Hot playing, but cruddy ambient recording.