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Collection: Music For Our Mother Ocean Idotdot
artworkMOM stands for Music for our Mother Ocean, really. This album is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the world's oceans, waves, and beaches. All proceeds from album sales go to the nonprofit Surfrider Foundation.

The thing is, this is an album of music for surfers, not surf music. there's a major difference. The list of artists alone should tell you all you need to know about avoiding this release. The cause is worthy, but what a bunch of tripe! Sprung Monkey's punk mung, Pearl Jam's attempt at surf, with glissandos and boring Chuck Berry-isms, California pop vocals and beach stupidity, the Ramones aging assaultive sound, Porno For Pyros amateurish garagie faux chanteuse, the "nobody told us punk is dead" Pennywise, the rhythmic surf punk thrashing of Silverchair, the Reggae paleness of Common Sense, Panto Banton and the Reggae Revolution's under achiever reggae, Primus and their mostly instro big noise and the ugly non-melodic backtrack, the "we wanna be Four Non Blonds" false reggae of No Doubt, the dark club rock of Helmet, the Seattle grunge of Soundgarden, the oh poor me don't you feel sorry for me while I pout and whine voice of Jewel, the evilcore of Everclear, the over sensitive pseudo folk of 7Mary3, the lo-fi "Summer Place" sappiness of Sublime, and the cheap recording of no one listening to Blink-182 while they reggae their way through a limp track. OK, so I don't like any of these acts. It's also not a surf record. There are a couple of instros, reviewed below, but the results are not much better.

The artwork is great!
Picks: Honky Tonk, Wipeout (Wipe Out), I Can't Surf

Track by Track Review

Honky Tonk dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Big band fifties R&B blues jam mung. A boring rendition.

Wipeout (Wipe Out) dot
Big Guitar (Instrumental)

The self appointed guitar god gore of Gary Hoey's pale but chunky performance of the Surfaris' "Wipe Out" (misspelled "Wipeout") leaves nothing to be desired that nearly any other version wouldn't cure.

I Can't Surf dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Guitar trashing of the usually much better Reverend Horton Heat. This track is punctuated with shouts of denial of wave prowess. Dissinteresting.