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Collection: Lost Treasuresdotdotdot
artworkDel-Fi's archives have been home to reels and reels of weirdness, not just surf. This comp is a cross section of the bizarre, from beat exotica to surfin' anniversaries. Really fun CD for those times when you're not worried what the neighbors will think. Besides the reviewed intros are a mess of vocals like the James Boys' "Ah Ha Crazy Pt 1," the Bedwells' "Karate," the Rockyfellers' (claim to fame was their kid rock hit "Killer Joe") "Don't Sit Down" (not the Dartells tune, but a faux calypso novelty), Actor Bob Ridgley offers up "Monster Mash" look-alikes called "She Was A Mau Mau" and "The Way Out Mummy," the Scramblers absurd Gary Paxton-ish doo-wop British Invasion antidote "Beatle Walk" and "The Beatle Blues," the ultra stupid tale of "The F.B.I." from the Mincys (Wayne, Dwain and John, and Chuckie Chandler and the Chandeliers' Gary Paxton meets the Olympics styled "Rockin' Moondog."
Picks: Chicken Grabber, Moongoon Twist, Soul Food, Mister Bongos, Yo Yo's Pad, Spanish Twist, Tobago, Drum City Pt. I / Pt. II, B'wanna Bongos, Voodoo Mash Pt. I / Pt. II, Hot Toddy, Just Part II, Surfin' Anniversary

Track by Track Review

Chicken Grabber dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Nesbert Hooper Jr.'s Nite Hawks cut this barnyard beatnik sax rave in '59 for the Circles label. For the fifties novelty crowd.

Moongoon Twist dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a mighty dry riff rock track, with only it's disjointed energy to rely on. Not very interesting or memorable. Just old. The Moongooners were Scott Engel, John Maus, and John Stewart, who became the Walker Brothers after a stint as the Dolton Brothers. Scott Engel issued a surf instro single called "Devil Surfer." The tone here is similar, but it's much less "authentic."

Soul Food dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A nearly exact repro of the original. Nuff said.

Mister Bongos dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Just a fifties style progression with the girl chorus singin' "Mister Bongos" while the Eppster beats the skins and a great piano pumps away. Epps straddled exotica and pop-rock. Very fun, but essentially dismissible.

Yo Yo's Pad
Surf (Instrumental)

Coy cheesy sub-lounge with artificial oriental girl talk... more a discarded treasure than a lost one.

Spanish Twist dot
Surf (Instrumental)

Ultra cheesy mal organ with a Dion and the Belmonts on Ed Sullivan feel. The only thing Spanish about it is the trumpet break. Egads!

Tobago dotdotdot
Phase Shifted Exotica (Instrumental)

Phase Shifted Exotica with w weird and haunting sound... very unusual. It has no baring on surf, but does have a magnetic kind of ambiance about it. Eden Ahbez wrote the fifties standard "Nature Boy," a hit for Nat King Cole and covered by the Great Society among many others.

Drum City Pt. I / Pt. II dot
Surf (Instrumental)

Drummer Gary "Spider" Webb was no Cozy Cole, though it would seem he wanted to be. "Drum City Pt. I / Pt. II" is a fifties beat music, sax and drums and a self appointed cool.

B'wanna Bongos dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

African worship exotica, like a B-movie safari to the Congo, with whistling flute and chants. On the one hand, it's pretty cheesy. On the other hand, it would sit well between Martin Denny and Les Baxter. No melody, just a rhythm and a far away places feel. Quite fun.

Voodoo Mash Pt. I / Pt. II
Surf (Instrumental)

Studio slush rock, dry guitar, hokey sax, funky Hollywood music machine beat, and a chorus. This is the inverse of the real thing.

Hot Toddy
Surf (Instrumental)

No account studio rock, sax and a stupid unmelodic riff. Completely Uncalled For.

Just Part II dot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Just Part II" is a little better than "Hot Toddy," but it's just so much jammin' with a sub Pachuko Soul sax.

Surfin' Anniversary dotdotdot
Surf ()

This is a funny idea. Doing a surf instro version of the anniversary waltz seems really bizarre. Though it's a strange idea, it works quite well. Trad surf knot tying music. Real surf guitar, thundering tom toms, and that silly melody. Fun.