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Collection: Londondotdotdot
artworkThis promo sampler of Heyday records releases includes 4 instros, including the Aqua Velvets and Paul Johnson material. When taken as a whole, Heyday has quite a stable of releases spanning many styles.
Picks: Wild Turkey, Pipeline, Spanish Blue, California Dreamin'

Track by Track Review

Wild Turkey dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Very repetitious, like a backtrack with a bit of a break. I found myself waiting for a melody to kick in, which never came. Plenty of energy, but not very interesting.

Pipeline dotdotdot
Acoustic Surf (Instrumental)

There are a number of acoustic treatments of this tune, including several by the Chantays themselves. This is pleasant, but not magnetic. The playing is really sweet.

Spanish Blue dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The Aqua Velvets are another SF band on the move, with two CD's on Mesa Bluemoon / Atlantic and a new one on the way from BMG (RCA's parent). They are seasoned musicians. They focus on relaxed spaghetti western spy theme Spanish motif music destined for film scores. "Spanish Blue" is from their first album. They are pushing the envelope of what surf music is, adding new elements and experimenting with influences that shouldn't work but do. Great band. It's not often that Surf musicians are so accomplished that they relax on stage and completely captivate their audience with the shear beauty of their playing. I'm amazed at how they can capture the full attention of a whole room playing gentle melodic and perfect tunes. Highly recommended. Check out the CD's, and watch for their new album due shortly.

California Dreamin' dotdotdot
Folk Rock (Instrumental)

The Mama's and the Papa's top forty folk rock epic is presented in a fairly straight format. It's warm with smooth guitar and a solid eighties beat.