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Collection: Listen and Learn With Vibro-Phonicdotdot
artworkThis is a compilation of rarities, B-sides, etc. from the Eggbert archives. Must of this is slushy bachelor pad or otherwise squishy stuff. Then again, it contains the great Insect Surfers rendition of the Bee-Gees' "Massachusetts." The great Jigsaw Seen are also here with a fine song called "Another Predictable Song." It's less interesting than Melody Fair as a comp.
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Massachusetts dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a deliriously delicious choice to make instro surf hay with. The Bee Gees couldn't have seen this coming, though they did have an excellent sense of melody. It's faster and more spunky than the original, and replete with the insects signature twin leads. Excellent!