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Collection: The Jack Nitzsche Story Volume 2 - Hard Workin' Mandotdotdot
artworkJack Nitzsche is one of those magical producers that made actual magic with studio bands, knowing how to actually make credible records in a factory setting. "Surf Finger" is a vault find from 1966. The title track, "Hard Working Man," is a Captain Beefheart rarity that's a cool find for a Van Vliet fan like me. Other interesting glimpses into are an Everly Brothers cover of Buffalo Springfield's "Mr. Soul," and an enigmatic thing by C.C. Adcock called "Stealin' All Day" that sports the "Pipeline" rhythm riff throughout. Oh yeah, there's a very unusual collaboration between Miles Davis, Taj Mahall, and John Lee Hooker too.
Picks: John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahall - Bank Robbery, Jack Nitzsche - Surf Finger

Track by Track Review

John Lee Hooker, Miles Davis, Taj Mahall - Bank Robbery dotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

This 1996 blues instro is an oddity if for no other reason than the musicians involved. John Lee Hooker standard riff is the basis, and beyond that, there's Taj Mahall on guitar, and the demented Miles Davis on lead horn, plus bass and drums. This sounds very much like a jam, but holy cow, what a combination.

Jack Nitzsche - Surf Finger dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Based on "The Lonely Surfer," tis instro is derivative and less interesting, yet there's much of the lush compelling arranging in it. "Surf Finger" is more off-putting and uneasy. It's much less intense, but that merely lulls one into false safety. This track is newly released here, having languished in the vault since 1966.