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Collection: In The Summertime - 20 Sunny Hitsdotdotdot
artworkThis is a Brazilian collection that has much in common with a number of other collections, being a set of summery top forty hits.
Picks: The Surfaris - Wipe Out

Track by Track Review

Ramsey Lewis Trio - The 'In' Crowd dotdot
Easy Jazz (Instrumental)

Ramsey Lewis' easy piano jazz grooves proved hit worthy several times in the early sixties. Dobie Grey hit with "The In Crowd," and it was often covered, as here. For my money, this is relatively uninspired and forgettable.

The Surfaris - Wipe Out dotdotdotdot
TV Surf (Instrumental)

"Wipe Out" is simply the definitive drummer's badge of courage. If he can do a decent "Wipe Out," he's hired. Simple, and written and recorded in just minutes, this is an international classic that has sold multimillions of copies, and still does every year worldwide.