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Collection: Hot Rod Rally
artworkA typical period release for major labels, Hot Rod Rally sports studio creations, mostly at their worst. It's always a curiosity for me why musicians with exceptional talent would simply work by the hour to create "music" on no consequence at all, music that is virtually always miles from the form it purports to represent. Capital chose a bale of crappers for this LP, 8 dreadful vocals, and 4 marginal-to-dreadful instros. Among the players on this LP are legends like Steve Douglas. A sad album.
Picks: Shutdown Douglas - Twin Cut Out, Flash Falcon, Night Rod, Woody Walk

Track by Track Review

Shutdown Douglas - Twin Cut Out dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

A sports car's engine revs up, the guitar squirts, and the sax squonks. The guitar sounds tonally like it might be Billy Strange, but it's pretty uninspired.

Shutdown Douglas - Flash Falcon dotdotdot
Surf Pop (Instrumental)

This is your typical studio progression filler instro, slightly more melodic than that might imply, but even slightly like a surf tune or developed like a song exposed to an audience over time would be. It crawls along, plodding through a high school marching band with guitar sound, augmented with the Dead Man's Curve French horns. At least there's vibrato on the guitar.

Shutdown Douglas - Night Rod dotdot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

More studio session rock, with Steve Douglas' sax in front and hot rods raging across the monitors. Rhythmic, but unremarkable. Some early fuzz.

Shutdown Douglas - Woody Walk dot
Studio Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Funky horns honk, the sax honks, and somewhere in all this is an idea. Really gimmicky and jammy. Not the great Manuel and the Renegades song.