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Collection: The History Of Syracuse Music - Volumes XII and XIIIdotdot
artworkThis is mostly a bizarre collection of rock-pop from the Syracuse, New York area. Asides from Ronnie Dio's early bands the Redcaps and the Profits, and the Throbbing Masses, and a John Lennon-Yoko Ono press conference recorded in town in '71, there's little of note. Then again, there is the crude surf cover of "Apache" by Sam and the Twisters.
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Apache dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This arrangement of "Apache" is more in a surf vein than either of the hits. The string-swipe arrows Jorgen Ingman introduced to the song are replaced by whistles, which certainly sets it apart from all other versions. This is one crude recording, captured on no more than one mic somewhere near the band, it nonetheless shows off this otherwise undocumented band. They are playing hard on this possibly live recording. They were fixtures on the Syracuse scene, and enjoyed considerable backing from local top forty radio WNDR. Sam Amato, Mickey Palumbo, Jan Fatterly, and Al Wolf were Sam and the Twisters.