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Collection: Hava Narghile: Middle Eastern Raga Rock Ala Turquie '66-'75dotdotdot
artworkFrom a land of minarets and mosques, comes this compilation of some of the best garage and psych music from a country where psychedelic music flourished for a decade: A period in which Turkish rock musicians mixed the oriental overtones of their traditional folk music with Acid rock. On these 22 tracks (released from '66 to '75) you'll hear sizzling raga rock guitar mingling with the exotic sounds of the saz (the national instrument of Turkey and a distant relative of the sitar) and intense dwelling of electric saz and killer fuzz guitar, backed by a belly-beat provided by a darbuka. So light-up your hubble-bubble pipe (narghile) for a journey to what was once the uncrowned psych music capital of the world--take a trip to Istanbul (not Constantinople). 16 vocals and 6 instros to twist your head, including some surf influences. Amazing set of music.
Picks: Cem Karaca ve Apaslar - Gil Ganus, Grup Bunalim - Basak Saklim, Harimiler - Camlica Yolunda, Gukcen Kaynatan - Pencerenin Perdesini, Mogollar - Berkay Oyun Havasi, Siluetler - Lorke Lorke

Track by Track Review

Cem Karaca ve Apaslar - Gil Ganus dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"Gil Ganus" is an intense psych track, similar in some ways to Berkeley's Frumious Bandersnatch. A dissonant, experimental, psych jam with lots going on. It'll twist your dreams until they are dreaming of you. Did I say intense.

Grup Bunalim - Basak Saklim dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"Basak Saklim" breaks right into a heavy psych jam thundering under delicate acoustic melody lines. Eventually a heavy duty guitar breaks forth with period licks and style. Adventurous and infectious.

Harimiler - Camlica Yolunda dotdotdot
Heavy Psych Surf (Instrumental)

This manic heavy weight psych exercise sports glissandos and boss drums. late sixties organ and rumbling bass offset the intense psychedelic nature of the track, and enhance the surf influences in the guitar.

Gukcen Kaynatan - Pencerenin Perdesini dotdotdot
Middle Eastern Psych (Instrumental)

This is really interesting, like electro psych tweaked Klezmer at the oasis. Adventurous and rhythmic, bouncy and fun.

Mogollar - Berkay Oyun Havasi dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Mogollar takes traditional chords played on what sounds like an oud, brings forth a western psychedelic beat, adds a sense of sensuality, and produces an intriguing piece of music dancing between east and west. Quite cool!

Siluetler - Lorke Lorke dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This amazing instrumental sports echoed guitar chunking out a fast surf thing. It's exotic, playful, and very cool. Imaginative writing and manic playing with heavy effects on the surf guitar make this ultra rare track a must have. very cool!