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artworkJeez!!!!! I know there are fans of this stuff out there, but I sure as hell am not among them. This stuff all sounds self-important, as does much that comes out of the anointed intelligencia and self-righteous do-gooders at either end of the spectrum. Save your shekels and run as fast as you can for band with a reverb tank!
Picks: Philip Catherine, Philip Mariano, and Jasper van Hof - Sleep My Love, Mick Goodrick and Wolfgang Muthspiel - Nardis, Trilok Gurtu - Manini, Mark Nauseef - Hamburg 2, Sonny Sharrock and Nicky Skopelitis - Uncle Herbie's Dance, Michael Shrieve - Sam The Man, Stellar Rays, Jimi Sumen - Envelopes of Despair, Andy Summers - Monk Hangs Ten, David Torn - Spell Breaks With the Weather, Chad Wackerman - Holiday Insane, Bernie Worrell - The Mask

Track by Track Review

Philip Catherine, Philip Mariano, and Jasper van Hof - Sleep My Love dot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Nearly musical in the you have to listen carefully to enjoy it jazz sense. Too structured and intellectual for me.

Mick Goodrick and Wolfgang Muthspiel - Nardis
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Intellectual nonsense that's not far from the unsynced noise bands make when they are tuning independently in the studio before playing together. Gives mung a bad name.

Trilok Gurtu - Manini
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

I wish I was a classical genius, but since I can't be, I think I'll pretend to be a jazz great. Crap!

Mark Nauseef - Hamburg 2 dot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Slow and sludgy, self-important, and uninteresting to be kind. I found nothing here to catch my fancy, and indeed plenty about is all intellectually snobby.

Sonny Sharrock and Nicky Skopelitis - Uncle Herbie's Dance
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

If you can't write a melody, but you've spent endless hours locked away in the bedroom at mommy's, you'd likely end up sounding like this. Play (fish) scales, noodle in gray matter, and bore the crap out of the neighbors.

Michael Shrieve - Sam The Man dot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Endless noodling that seems interminably long. Really not likable.

Michael Shrieve - Stellar Rays
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

I figure Michael Shrieve owns shares in Golden Grain, because he sure does noodle a lot. Imagine Henry Kaiser without the flair and sense of melody.

Jimi Sumen - Envelopes of Despair dot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Long eerie sustain, forbidding textures, and a sound that reminds me of 801 live. However, 801 played actual songs and melodies and used cool feedback to do it sometimes. Jimi Sumen just wastes your time.

Andy Summers - Monk Hangs Ten dotdot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

A "Bat Man" rhythm pattern in commercial distortion runs beneath a guitar hero lead that's more interesting than that might imply. Still, this is a ways from surf, aside from the rhythm. Way too jammy for me.

David Torn - Spell Breaks With the Weather
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Absurdly horrible industrial ho-hum. Aside from being gloomy, "Spell Breaks With the Weather" offers nothing!

Chad Wackerman - Holiday Insane dot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

Organ prog noodling in an intellectual circus of effete superiority. Next.

Bernie Worrell - The Mask dotdot
Rock/Pop (Instrumental)

"The Mask" is kind of swirly and psych based, is heavily keyboard dependent, yet is oddly interesting, especially when compared to the rest of this swill. It never finds a melody, but rather just swooshes like Ozric Tentacles on a bad day.