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Various Artists - Gary Usher Greats Volume 1dotdot
artworkTwo of many Gary Usher studio sessions are coupled for this out-of-print CD reissue. The Kickstands sides include a couple of decent tracks from a surf perspective.
Picks: Hill Climb, Side Car, Haulin' Honda, Slow Ride South, Scrambler, Midnight Auto, Three Wheeler, Ditch Day, Theme For Teen Love

Track by Track Review

Hill Climb dotdot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

very basic riff rock with considerable twang. While the song is completely dismissible, the performance is pretty tight and shows more chemistry than most such session.

Side Car dotdotdot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

A basic Bo Diddley beat and riff underpin a melody free jam. It's the tribal drum beat of that Mississippi children's game employing the diddley bow that makes this more than just a jam.

Haulin' Honda dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

With no bearing on the Richie Podolor song, this turns out to be a more or less mindless studio jam.

Slow Ride South dotdotdot
Studio Surf (Instrumental)

"Slow Ride South" mixes the horn sound of the Champs and surf guitar with a South of the border sound for a very pleasant journey down Baja way. Warm and sunny, surf and cool. This is one of those rare times when a studio creation shines.

Scrambler dot
Rock (Instrumental)

Fuzz drenched riff rock, slow and sluggish, and devoid chemistry.

Midnight Auto dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

Cheesy studio jammin' fake rock 'n' roll... going nowhere fast, "Midnight Auto" is utterly forgettable despite the Steve Douglas' sax.

Three Wheeler dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

Fifties music machine rock 'n' roll with a Spanish edge. Never mind.

Ditch Day dotdotdot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

"Ditch Day" is not bad. The surf rhythm guitar, while very dry, still conveys some sense of chemistry. A tolerable and very commercial sound.

Theme For Teen Love dot
Studio Hotrod (Instrumental)

Sheesh! Slow and slushy teenage slow dance schmaltzorama. "Theme For Teen Love" is a long way from anything that could be mistaken for cool.