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Collection: Galactic Hits (Vibrations March 2010)dotdotdot
artworkTexas staples The Nematoads are found on this collection with an updated instro. They are completely alone here, both aurally, and talent-wise. The album is primarily arty ambient stuff. Still, the every-cool Nematoads make it worth checking out. This disc comes with the March 2010 edition of Vibrations magazine.
Picks: The Nematoads - Theme From The Inscrutables

Track by Track Review

The Nematoads - Theme From The Inscrutables dotdotdotdot
Instrumental Rock (Instrumental)

"Theme From The Inscrutables" is a really fun track with a fine melody riff. Spies, exotic mystery, and plenty going on. The horn provides interesting accents, as does the Theremin. The "UFO Version" is a remix with added effects. Very cool!