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Collection: Fun In The Sundotdotdot
artworkIt looks like a budget package full of the usual suspects. It is a budget package, but all but two of these tracks are re-recordings. The rare tracks are the two instros from the 1975 K-Tel sessions. the Surfaris' track is without Ron Wilson, so it's not very interesting, but the Chantays track is actually quite nice. The common stuff includes "Surf City" (Jan and Dean), "Surfin' Safari" (Beach Boys), "C'mon and Swim" (remake by Bobby Freeman), "Fun Fun Fun" (Jan and Dean), "Surfin' Bird" (Trashmen), "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" (remake from Jan and Dean), "Beach Baby" (Regents), "Little Honda" (Hondells), "Do You Wanna Dance" (remake by Bobby Freeman), "Help Me, Rhonda" (remake by Jan and Dean). Strange package.
Picks: Pipeline, Wipe Out

Track by Track Review

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This track is the 1975 K-Tel session, recorded for a concept collection called Rebel Rouser. It is very different than the original is sound, closer to the Ventures' version in some ways. It is precise, well played, and very solid. It's also quite rare on vinyl. The other remake version still remaining unreleased is the eighties remake that was issued on a high compliance super-vinyl label. This is worth having, for sure.

Wipe Out dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

This is a 1975 remake recorded for K-Tel. Ron Wilson is not on the session, the sound is less crisp, and the bass is more upfront, but otherwise it's recognizable from a guitar standpoint as the Surfaris.