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Collection: The Fans Hit Backdotdotdot
artworkThis compilation assembles eight bands from the subscription list for Replacements fanzine "The Skyway." All tracks are original, but were in the tribute sense contributed to the comp. With that in mind, you find a melodic mix of aggro pop, post punk, and other genre, all written with the Replacements in mind, and all much more well rounded than the usual indie comp of neighborhood punks. This contains a slab of listenable, well crafted music by eight nearly unknown bands worth noticing. My fave, of course is Squid Vicious' "Hombrecito," a surf song of considerable note. Damn fine CD.
Picks: Hombrecito, Marvix Kill, Deep Eddy

Track by Track Review

Hombrecito dotdotdotdot
Progressive Jazz Surf (Instrumental)

A very tasty number with a mysterious feel to it. The progressive jazz bass intro leads into very nice guitar work that projects a mystic island Latin atmosphere in a slow moody structure. Very nice, Teddy boy!

Marvix Kill dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

My goodness, isn't this an unusual surf tune? It's dissonant, edged with barbed wire, lumbering, reverby, and most strange. It sports a riff that's quite surfy, but with an off beat feel, it seems like a tube ride at the funny farm.

Deep Eddy dotdotdot
Aggressive Garage Surf (Instrumental)

The Squidly daddies deliver one fiery performance of their original number that is also available in studio form elsewhere. Hot playing, but cruddy ambient recording.