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Collection: Double Whammydotdotdot
artworkThis is a collection of bands with very similar sounds. 15 of the 16 tracks are instro, all very much in the grunge mold. No surf per say, but often interesting very heavy instrumentals with well written melodies.
Picks: Razor's Edge, Double Whammy, First Light, Lucky 13, Sidewinder, Midget Conspiracy Part 1, The Bludgeon And The Rapier, Los Trios Bastardos, Dead Cat Bounce, Not A Care In The World, Maelstrom, Midget Conspiracy Part II, Sold My Car To The Devil, To Infinity, Amazing Grace

Track by Track Review

Razor's Edge dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Continuing to make huge chunky rock instros with intense character and power, Dalek Beach Party pound out monster surf punk here. Grindy, nearly melodic, and very dark.

Double Whammy dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"Double Whammy" lumbers and edges in to a dark place where the cold hearted party. Ultra heavy and moody. Some verses are light, others very gruff textured.

First Light dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Once the darkness subside, there's a very nice melody line here, with Dalek Beach Party painting a picture of a sunrise on the beach in the modern world. This is an affective and attractive song.

Lucky 13 dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"Lucky 13" reminds me of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" in some ways. No, it's not fluid like that exactly, but the edge of the chords and percussion hint at it. Cool track.

Sidewinder dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

A giant grungoidal wash of textures and guitar sustain. If Link Wray played in Nirvana, it might be like this.

Midget Conspiracy Part 1 dotdotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

With a sound that's not unlike what might happen if grunge went on a picnic, Orgasm Every Time play a floating song with a city dweller on vacation feel. Very nice track.

The Bludgeon And The Rapier dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Loud screaming guitars and chunky rhythms. Intense and circulating, but "The Bludgeon And The Rapier" did not capture me.

Los Trios Bastardos dotdotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

With acoustic guitars, a great melody, and a sense of spaghetti western gone urban, "Los Trios Bastardos" is one fine track. Swimming is cactus and burros, it rides like a bur under the saddle of a green horn.

Dead Cat Bounce dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"Dead Cat Bounce" is all about textures and loudness. The melody is good, but the overpowering intensity hides it.

Not A Care In The World dotdotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"Not A Care In The World" sounds like it's on easy street alright, and like it's on it's way to chase the waves. This is a very friendly and powerful song with an optimistic sound and imagery. Quite nice.

Maelstrom dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Heavy chunka chunka with a dark melody line and dangerous flavor. This intense track assaults with a relentless rhythm and aural texture.

Midget Conspiracy Part II dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

A completely different take on the "Midget Conspiracy," this time in a heavy chunk mode. Very big and relentlessly intense.

Sold My Car To The Devil dotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

A bit of country bounce and flair give "Sold My Car To The Devil" a playful hickoidal sound. Hill country fun with chicken-lickin' glee.

To Infinity dotdotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

"To Infinity" has a spy vs. spy melody and relentless grunge beat. The guitars are epic - almost orchestral - in the way they approach riffology. Big and pumped, with a compellingly cool sound.

Amazing Grace dotdotdotdot
Surf Grunge (Instrumental)

Unlisted on the sleeve, but aurally I'm guessing this is Dalek Beach Party. A heavy sludgefest arrangement of this song, with acoustic guitar accompaniment. The Peter Green ("Albatross") guitar harmonies are a nifty touch. Unusual and very good!