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Collection: Del-Fi Pool Partydotdotdot
artworkThis is a funny compilation, somehow quite reflective of the true Bob Keene as I perceive him to be. It sports 10 instros of varying quality, and five vocals. The Preston Epps track has so much vocal work, it is really hard to treat it as an instro. It's also not very interesting. The Bruce Johntson vocal track is, as you might expect from it's tile "Soupy Shuffle Stomp", a tribute to Soupy Sales, in Bruce's "Surfers Stomp" mold. The Enchanters' "Come On Let's Go" is like the Kingston Trio trying to be cool. Quite odd. "Mystery Artist" is so called because the tape reel was unlabeled and memories drew a blank. It's an attempt at a Paul Peterson kinda hit single. Jack Herbst's "Jimmy's Party" is actually a pretty fine pop single, the sort of thing that only missed "hit" status because no one bought it... well maybe because no DJ played it. It is that sort well crafted little single that the party teenybopper girls used to buy. A party disc for the next frat bash.
Picks: High Dive, Wild Twist, La Bamba, The Goose - Part 1, Here Comes Ringo, Willie and the Hand Jive, Moon Shot, Mack The Knife, Hard Way Four, Swim Beat

Track by Track Review

High Dive dotdot
Riff (Instrumental)

This typifies riff rock - a simple progression played over and over. The "Topsy Part Two" drum break is cool, but otherwise this is backtrack waiting for a vocal or melody or something.

Wild Twist dotdot
Organ Riff (Instrumental)

A go-go jam, with no redeeming qualities, unless your looking for that perfect frat party record that no one will listen to while they shout to be heard in their meaningless verbal exchanges in search of the next lay.

La Bamba dotdotdot
Studio Fun (Instrumental)

With that Richie Valens bass sound, and rhythmically infectious drive, this is a fun track. It has no relationship to surf, but it is quite playful, in that shallow Hollywood studio session way. This will find a happy home at parties for the anesthetized. It seems to me to be one of those little nothing releases that still finds a way into your shoes, thus hiding from site while haunting your thoughts. Pure fun.

The Goose - Part 1 dotdotdot
Piano Plink (Instrumental)

A slightly reverbed damped rhythm guitar under a rolling piano jam does not constitute an interesting song. It's gentle enough and pleasant, just of no consequence.

Here Comes Ringo dotdotdot
Piano Plink (Instrumental)

A basic British R&B progression and harmonica, with screaming girl crowd sounds overdubbed. No melody, but fun in a quaint way.

Willie and the Hand Jive dotdotdot
Diddley Bo (Instrumental)

Johnny Otis used the Bo Diddley beat for his hit. The Moongooners take that song, and do a slightly surfy version with sax replacing the vocals. It's quite a tribal thing, with lots of screams and shouts, and an infectious sound. Fun.

Moon Shot dotdotdot
Articulated Studio (Instrumental)

This is the backtrack to "Soupy Shuffle Stomp." It's main value is the clarity of that great distorted keyboard Bruce Johnston employed so well. It's a jam, a party disc, and quite fun.

Mack The Knife dotdotdot
Pseudo Rock (Instrumental)

Studio bachelor pad pseudo rock... like Bobby Darin pumped up. This actually rocks pretty solid in a party fun way. I wanted to hate this, but found I liked it. It is infectious and fun.

Hard Way Four dotdotdot
Dance Party Theme (Instrumental)

This is an R&B single, a party jive, with noodly guitar work and rhythm plus. The shallow wah wah on the damped rhythm guitar chops dates it. It's a TV "Dance Party" theme kinda track. Pumped energy, but no melody. Sounds like it's from vinyl.

Swim Beat dotdotdot
Dance Party Theme (Instrumental)

Well documented drum dominated backtrack sorta thing with lots of energy and crisp drums, and just too much fun to pass up. It's an all too familiar rock riff from James Brown's "Night Train."