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Collection: The Del-Fi / Donna Records Storydotdotdot
artworkWidely varied cross section of tracks licensed from Del-Fi. Some really cool stuff. The tracks range from Chan Romero's incredible original "Hippy Hippy Shake" to Dick Dale's dreadful "Oh Wee Marie." Included are Ron Holden's great "Love You So," the Shadows silly "Jungle Fever," the Fantastics' "Charlie Brown" inspired "Blabbermouth," Johnny Crawford's absurd "Rumors," Ronnie & the Pamona Casuals' variation on James Browns' "Please Please Please," Bruce Johnston's "Original Surfers Stomp," David Gates' stupid "Okie Surfer," plus a rare KRLA jingle. This disc also includes a handful of nice instros.
Picks: The Untouchables, Fast Freight, A Little More Wine, My Dear, Misirlou, Big Surf

Track by Track Review

The Untouchables dotdotdot
TV Theme (Instrumental)

This is a strange sorta back alley jazzy version of the theme from the TV show. It lacks the drama of the original, but the break is way weird, with an almost surf noodle guitar lick or two. Quite odd.

Fast Freight dotdotdot
Latino Rock (Instrumental)

This track has little or nothing to do with surf, but on the other hand, it is a fine rhythmic instro from one of the truly great losses to the rock world. Richie Valens' name was shortened by Del-Fi from Valensuela) to overcome fears of a stigma from the Mexican name. His raw energy and magnetic appeal were unmistakable from his sessions. This track has plenty of his flair, and while not very melodic, and void of any surfisms, it holds attention throughout with it's shear innocent excitement.

A Little More Wine, My Dear dotdot
Pre Surf (Instrumental)

"A Little More Wine My Dear" is a basic 50's instro, but with a solid low-E guitar lead. reasonable melody line, and pre-surf picking. A cool tune.

Misirlou dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

No match for the Dick Dale version, but a damn fine rendition anyway. This has something magnetic about it, even though it is in some ways light weight.

Big Surf dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Great tracks come in many flavors. Here, the Sentinals create an amazingly interesting tune from a few sparse notes and chords, and the imagery of big stormy threatening waves in unmistakable. What a killer track.