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Collection: Dead Barons / Quatro Sinko / Sandblastersdotdotdotdot
artworkThis three band collection is not commercially available. It was put this together for me from advance tracks by Brian Parish of the Casbah radio show (KSYM 90.1 FM), 4th Write, and Rooted Magazine.

The 6 original and 2 covers from the Dead Barons are to come out on "Year 2525." The Quatro Sinko tracks are from their 4-song EP "Titanico" due out on Tiki Bongo Records. The Sandblasters' 4 live tunes are from the upcoming "Sandblasters Live In Austin / Space Bar-B-Q" CD on Mostly Harmless/Deep Eddy Records
Picks: Cannibal Island, General Ursus, Eat Skin / Drink Blood, The Ghoul Goes West, Zombie Compromise, Breaking The Law, Three Hour Tour, Acuna By Night, Cruisin' Con Isla, Fatwha, Flight P-51, Brutal Surfers, Toothless Cannibal, Wave King

Track by Track Review

Cannibal Island dotdotdotdot
Jungle Surf (Instrumental)

Crispy thundering twang over a rumbling tribal backtrack, rich in whammy and intense jungle rhythms. The song is like some of those great Sandy Nelson records, with great guitar twang verses and an ultra cool drum solo in the middle. A fine track!

General Ursus dotdotdot
Thrash Twang (Instrumental)

"General Ursus" thrashes and trashes, twangs and rumbles. Not melodic exactly, though there are catchy phrases hear and there, and lots of drive. Big twango.

Eat Skin / Drink Blood dotdotdot
Twang (Instrumental)

Rich twangin' guitar and a rock solid rhythm section. Mean, but not unwelcoming, with whammy and bright twang. The guitar is very busy without a rhythm guitar to support...

The Ghoul Goes West dotdotdotdot
Cactus Horror Twang (Instrumental)

Very cool cactus monster twang, with a great rolling rhythm section and mechanical bull guitar, and extra crunch. The guitar is driven and crunchy, with chaps required.

Zombie Compromise dotdotdotdot
Cactus Horror Twang (Instrumental)

The Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet song all crunched up with big twang and fun... an adventure in horror negotiations.

Breaking The Law dotdotdot
Cactus Horror Twang (Instrumental)

This big twang cover of Judas Priest's "Breaking The Law" was caught live, and while the sound is like being in the bathroom while they played in the bar, the performance is high powered and drenched in sparkling guitar, while the rhythm section wails with jungle power.

Three Hour Tour dotdotdotdot
Adventures In Twang (Instrumental)

Rich twang whammy accents a melodic riff that oozes mystery and desert islands. The midsection is light and water soaked, while the main body is intense and driven. Named for that most famous three hour tour of all, the expected musical references to little buddy's lost years are not here... it's all original.

Acuna By Night dotdotdotdot
Adventures In Twang (Instrumental)

"Acuña By Night" is a slow piece with a warm intensity and breezy tropical air. The swimming whammy and floating melody add up to an excellent track.

Cruisin' Con Isla dotdotdotdot
Adventures In Twang (Instrumental)

Here we have a Saturday afternoon drive down the isthmus to Isla Vista or Pismo Beach where the sun is warm and there are no deadlines. Warm and sunny, "Cruisin' Con Isla" is a splendid journey through a lazy afternoon.

Fatwha dotdotdot
Adventures In Twang (Instrumental)

No idea what the title means, but this is an intense track with tight rhythm and driven guitar, and a wall of guitar sound. Quite solid.

Flight P-51 dotdotdotdot
War Surf (Instrumental)

This fine tune is both ominous and watery. "Flight P-51" sports whammy and surf twang, and a rhythmic sense of foreboding. It uses damped rhythm and big chord Link Wray chords, but more surf than that might imply. Way cool!

Brutal Surfers dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Like the title says, pummelicious wave shredders, drowning gremmies, and shortboard cutbacks, plus some pretty cool psychedelic wah wah. Dramatic, powerful, and mean.

Toothless Cannibal dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Great title! Images of being gummed to death. An ominous riff oriented dramatic structure with very inventive arranging make this a fine art surf piece. Is this the dawn of a new sub genre? Nice track.

Wave King dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Wave King" opens with a Spanish acoustic guitar, but quickly converts into a big Austin whammy surf number with a solid melody line.