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Collection: Cry Of Atlantisdotdot
Three instro reside here, two of which are only obscure, and the third (The Persuaders - "Cry of Atlantis") not essential. the rest of the release is made up of historic and mostly very obscure material, but not much that's necessary.
Picks: The Persuaders - Cry of Atlantis

Track by Track Review

Cry of Atlantis dotdotdotdot
Presurf (Instrumental)

Like a surf inspired, Shadows influenced instro, "Cry of Atlantis" employs sparkling island chords and a friendly melody line. The sax breaks are very Southern California sounding. This is a lovely instro that fits really well into a surf set.

The Fisherman dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Cheesy organ and hand claps deliver a very fifties sounding, blues based instro with not much really going on.

Wild dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Wild" has substantial spunk in a vibrant performance. That said, it's mostly just a riff rockin' frat rocker.