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Collection: Crawling From Within - a Compilationdotdot
artworkThis 1987 comp from a small Medford, Massachusetts label sports early works from a few bands that endured for a while, including the Bags, the Space Negroes, Classic Ruins, and the Lemonheads. It also holds tracks from the Brood, '84's "Shake and Shout" (vocal) and '85's "Surfin' Eyeball" (instro).
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Surfin' Eyeball dotdot
Garage Fuzz (Instrumental)

The fact that the lasses don't vocalize doesn't translate into a surf instro. "Surfin' Eyeball" is a fuzzy almost frat garage rock instro. No melody, just a progression and "Wipe Out" inspired breaks. If you cast the nest wide enough, it fits, but it's much closer to the frat house than the breakwater.