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Collection: Chop Suey Rock Vol. 2 - More Songs About The Orientdot
artworkVolume 2 continues the novelty journey. As with volume 1, side 1 is instrumental, and side 2 vocal, and the tracks were not restored. Musically interesting, aurally crappy.
Picks: Eddie Baxter - Fortune Cookie - Part One, Rodney And The Blazers - Oriental Nightmare

Track by Track Review

Eddie Alwood And The Goodies - Hot Saki dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

More like "Tequila" than Oriental, "Hot Saki" pumps out an endless riff with some gnarly sax and grand piano that sounds a bit like early Leon Russell.

Eddie Baxter - Fortune Cookie - Part One dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

A big gong and short narrative precedes a surf guitar riff. The melody is carried on Eddie Baxter's organ, and the break on sax. I have no idea who the guitar player is, but the dribbled Dick Dale guitar licks place it squarely in the surf idiom, but its issue date of 1961 on Kapp 357 precedes it. It's a pretty cool track. Kapp 357 (Fortune Cookie - Part One c/w Fortune Cookie - Part One)

The Dazzlers - OO - Clazy dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This blues romp has a reasonably authentic riff in some ways, but also is mostly a jump blues. Saucy sax and bluesy guitar. Knick 1715 (Chicky-cha c/w Oo-Clazy!)

Johnny And The Blue Jays - Japanese Rock
Rock (Instrumental)

A basic Japanese riff yields to richly grode guitar chords in an R&B vein. Booming bass and a great chord chord guitar progression.

Billy Joyce Combo - Twistin' In Hong Kong dot
Rock (Instrumental)

Gong opens into single slapback echoed piano before becoming a simple riff rocker. Only the narrative makes "Twistin' In Hong Kong" Oriental in any way.

The Quarter Notes - Suki Yaki Rocki dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a little more than a trite riffin' blues honker. No real melody, but some cool piano plinkery. Quarter Notes - Suki Yaki Rocki c/w record Hop Blues (Wizz 715)

Rodney And The Blazers - Oriental Nightmare dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Overworked far east themes here and there, but mostly it's a throbbing vibrato bruiser. Nasty and crude, big in a small town way, "Oriental Nightmare" is a mighty cool bit of obscurity.