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Collection: Catch A Wavedotdotdot
artworkThis LP was compiled by Chris Ashford in 1986. 12 tracks, 7 vocals and 5 instros. It represents the first time out of the vaults for the Sandals, Eddie and the Showmen, and Jerry Cole since their heyday.
Picks: Scrambler, Surfer's Stomp, Movin' Surf, Walk, Don't Run '64, Mr. Rebel

Track by Track Review

Scrambler dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Scrambler" sports an infectious rhythm and sparse lead guitar. The tone is dry, yet aquatic and appealing. The thinness of the arrangement is part of its charm, as is the shallow whammy.

Surfer's Stomp dotdot
Big Band (Instrumental)

Among the established studio lizards on the original track were Tommy Tedesco and Plas Johnson, who appeared on many a studio project in those days. One of the road versions of this band would include Pat and Lolly Vegas in a lineup that was essentially the Avantis. Frankly, Susan and the SurfTones do the best version of this song. This sounds like a recut, and darn close. This is simple slow paced innocent instrumental rock and roll, with great piano and saucy sax. Infectious and unpretentious. Don't look for the classic surf sound here, but do enjoy the simplicity and fun. Smooth and right nice. By the way, this is a re-recording.

Movin' Surf dotdot
Studio Jam (Instrumental)

A riff and a suitcase full of studio fill.

Walk, Don't Run '64 dotdotdotdot
Studio Jam (Instrumental)

The Ventures had already become the chameleons of rock by the time surf came along a mere few months after they cut "Walk, Don't Run" in 1960. They adapted quickly, morphing their crown jewel tune into a surf classic by adding reverb and glissandoes. It's way fun.

Mr. Rebel dotdotdotdot
Studio Jam (Instrumental)

Eddie and the Showmen's third single was a tribute to KRLA DJ Reb Foster, who also owned the Revelaire Club, where Eddie Bertrand found themselves to be the house band for a while. This is an updated version. The band played without reverb at the show, so it has a bigger rock feel. Much more powerful than the original, but not as magical.