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Collection: Burnt Marshmallows and Teeny Bikinisdotdotdot
artworkThis CD features 13 tracks by 12 artists, merging several pop forms with California Beach Pop sensibilities, ranging from almost Surfin' Lungs sounds to Beatles or Brian Wilson worshipers. All are neatly crafted, well thought out, and written in sixties pop structures. A fine release for summer afternoon listening, or that cruise down the coast highway on your way to see the Malibooz. Twelve nifty vocal capsules of summertime by Ed James, Gary and the Masticators, Monsters Under The Bed, John McMullan, Squires Of The Subterrain, the Oohs, Robin Stanley, Jeremy, the Popstars, Bill and the Hodads, the French Broads', and one very cool surf instro from the unlikely named Rich Arithmetic.
Picks: Russ Meyers' Revenge (The Lonely Channel Surfer)

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Russ Meyers' Revenge (The Lonely Channel Surfer) dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Rich Arithmetic's instrumental styling is in a surf groove, written a little like Rake and the Surftones, augmented with glissandoes galore and softly damped second guitar, a round islandic lead, and gentle percussion. A definite summer afternooner...