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Collection: Brazilian Nuggets - Back From The Jungle (Vol. 1)dotdotdot
artworkAs Nuggets-like comps go, Brazilian Nuggets - Back From The Jungle (Vol. 1) is not very strong. Lots of garage pop, a few garage gems, and a couple of instros that are both mentally unbalanced. The highlight of this set is an engaging cover of The Seeds classic teenage angst garage anthem "Pushin' Too Hard" from Wanderle'a. The tracks are all from vinyl, and most are lacking any restoration, and are marred by stereo transfer artifacts.
Picks: The Blobs - Murder, Os Terriveis - Mar Cruel

Track by Track Review

Murder dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Partly goofy with voicings, and partly inventive in the way the guitar is so nut-house tortured. Very warbly whammy lends insanity to an otherwise fairly tame structure. A few double picked lines and pre-psychedelic weirdness develop an unsettling sound.

Mar Cruel dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a very strange version of The Dakotas' "Cruel Sea." The performance is very sloppy, the drums manic, and bass boomy, and the guitar and organ very disturbed. The keys whistle in a birdlike warble, and the guitar is born of surf, though it's only partly there.