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Collection: Bourbons House Partydotdot
artworkEntirely unreleased home demo and stereo live radio (WCSB, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts) recordings from 64-66. A few instros brings this to Reverb Central. Amazingly good recordings for home made demos on a reel-to-reel tape machine.

Track by Track Review

The Bourbons - On The Rock dotdot
Rock & Roll (Instrumental)

Almost surf. A cool song that sorta grooves with bitchin' drums and shouts. Bluesy too.

The Bourbons - Bourbons House Party dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Paul Johnson's "Mr. Moto" with party shouts. Pretty credible, and still doing it in '66!

The Chevells - Handclap dotdot
Fifties Vibrato Sax Shimmer Link Wray (Instrumental)

Vibrato guitar and spring reverb on the hand claps on this Link-like fifties style instro with sax and shimmer.

The Chevells - Riptide dotdot
Fifties Sax (Instrumental)

Soft clean guitar leads a chord based fifties instro that features sax in the style used occasionally by Dick Dale or the Belairs.