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Collection: The Boss Martians vs. The Surf Triodotdotdot
artworkThis seems to me to be an odd coupling of bands, or maybe an ideal contrast of irreconcilably different bands. The Surf Trio is among the best edgie modern shred-conscious bands around, with a long history, and numerous album and single releases, culminating in their providing the soundtrack music for the TLC series Neat Stuff. The Boss Martians have been around for a while too, but have had less of an impact. Where the Surf Trio is powerful and edgie, the Boss Martians tend more towards a thinner less dynamic sound. From a personal perspective, the Surf Trio is an important band with a legacy of many melodic and lasting instros and well thought out vocals like Where Ya Gonna Go, while the Boss Martians can be boiled down to a lone instro from years ago called XK-E. Each band provides one vocal and one instro. This single marks a shift for both, with each stylistically meandering into new territory.
Picks: Ape Hangers, Foglifter

Track by Track Review

Ape Hangers dotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

In a major departure from the Boss Martians' sound, this track presents a decidedly Davie Allan sound, though considerably thinner. Crunchy and squarewave edgie. Not very melodic, but nicely put together.

Foglifter dotdotdot
Pacific Northwest (Instrumental)

A smoother sound for the Surf Trio, with an organ accompaniment that gives it a sound not unlike the Wailers' Mashi, but less frantic. Jazzy, Pacific Northwest cool, with that R&B groove required to convey that PNW period.