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Collection: Beyond The Calico Walldotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a pretty gnarly set of lower echelon psych singles, four of which are instros, and one of those is a strange surf issue. Quite a cool release!
Picks: An Experimental Terror, Tripsy, Changes, Continuation, Long Hair Soulful

Track by Track Review

An Experimental Terror dot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

This is a relatively structure free drug induced jam with heavily reverbed guitar and an essentially free form mess of notes. Miles from a song, "An Experimental Terror" is also difficult to listen to.

Tripsy dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a psychedelic surf epic of the first order from a garage somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Dribbling double picked surf lead, psych rhythm, and an eerie sound combine to create a disturbing vision of acid waves in space. Very cool!

Changes dotdotdotdot
Psychedelic Sitar (Instrumental)

The Ceyleib People reportedly included Ry Cooder. This is a very trippy instro with some inverted blues, backwards weirdness, and sitar swirling. It's a raga for your empty Aspirin bottle.

Continuation dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Guitar jam over psychedelic mask, with some wholly non-melodic double picking and plenty of whacked out sounds. More drone than song.

Long Hair Soulful dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

This is a long and tortured Fillmore type jam with a blues underbelly and a feedback sustain. It's pretty cool!